The Founder's Benchmark: Benchmark Your B2B SaaS Startup

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We are Andrea Ratzenberger, Kevin Sartori, and Thomas Kessler, our passion is building and scaling B2B SaaS companies. We scaled companies like Auterion, Locatee, Sherpany, and Moments that Matter and coached over 100 B2B SaaS startup founders. The three of us combined, raised over $100m and hired over 300 people.

Based on countless conversations with founders, VC companies, investors, and existing literature, we have developed the first Founder's Benchmark to benchmark B2B SaaS startups all the way from getting start to exit.

What is the Founder's Benchmark?

  • The Founder's Benchmark summarises all the necessary steps founders and their teams need to go through while building their company from Getting Started to Exit.
  • It allows measuring your progress along every important dimension of your business (in total 11), including founders, people, technology, GTM, data & metrics, operations, and many more. This should give you a holistic perspective on the progress of your company and the necessary steps ahead of you.

Why did we build the Founder's Benchmark?

  • When scaling our companies, including Auterion, Locatee, Moments that Matter, Sherpany, among others, we navigated through much trial and error without a clear roadmap to gauge our current maturity or discern steps to achieve the next milestone, such as raising a Series A. Additionally, the absence of a comprehensive scaling benchmark and consistent language made it challenging to articulate our progress to investors, board members, and our team.
  • Our goal with the Founder's Benchmark is to provide more clarity to the startup world. From founders to founders.

How to use it?

  1. Download the PDF by clicking on "I want this!"
  2. Together with your team go through all the 11 company dimensions and check which level applies to your company for the specific dimension. Use can use page one of the PDF. Page two of the PDF gives you an example based on a fictitious company.
  3. The lowest company dimension defines your overall maturity level.
  4. Based on your assessment you can identify your strengths and your weaknesses.
  5. Define which level you want to reach by when and leverage the benchmark to communicate progress with your team, shareholders, and your board
  6. Share with us your insights and learnings (you can find our LinkedIn contact details below :))

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  • If you need help scaling your company, we offer a customized assessment of your company, provide actional recommendations tailored to your progress, and 1:1 guidance to reach your next milestone fast and without trial and error. Feel free to reach out to us via Linkedin. We are looking forward to having a chat with you about how we can support you.
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The Founder's Benchmark: Benchmark Your B2B SaaS Startup

66 ratings
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