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The Founder's Library: «Getting Started» Kit

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We are Andrea Ratzenberger, Kevin Sartori, and Thomas Kessler, our passion is building and scaling B2B SaaS companies. We scaled companies like Auterion, Locatee, Sherpany, and Moments that Matter and coached over 100 B2B SaaS startup founders. The three of us combined, raised over $ 100m and hired over 300 people.

Some of you may know us from our Founder's Benchmark which went viral a couple of months ago and has been downloaded by over 3,000 founders worldwide. Now, we are happy to launch the Founder's Library.

What is the Founder's Library?

It is a curated library of ✅ Checklists, 🧰 Templates, 🧠 AI Prompts, 🛠️ Workshops, 📝 Worksheets, 🎓 Programs and Courses, and many other resources designed to support you in your scaling journey.

💵 Using the Founder's Library will save you hundreds of hours. It is tailored to your growth stage, has been tested in the field, and is backed by experienced B2B SaaS founders.

IMPORTANT: This first kit is designed for the first stage «Getting Started» of the Founder's Benchmark. The library is ever-evolving, with more content to come.

Why did we build the Founder's Library?

Let's be honest – you've probably come across a ton of valuable frameworks and templates online, saved them only to let them collect virtual dust and never actually used them. Have you ever experienced template fatigue? We did, too many times. We believe that one of the key problems is not the lack of know-how available but having access to the right resources at the right time.

Our solution? Crafting a library aligned with the Founder's Benchmark's stages and dimensions, ensuring you have the perfect resources at your fingertips right when you need them.

What resources are included?

The following resources are included in this first kit:

🧰 12 Templates: How-To's that help you get started faster
📚 8 Books: Books that you can learn from when you get started
🔗 5 Links: Links to the best external third-party resources you need to get started
 1 Checklist: What you should not forget to complete in this stage
📝 4 Worksheets: Helps you to address and complete a specific task
🛠️ 1 Workshop: Content for workshops with your team

The following categories are coming soon:

👩‍✈️ Copilots: Profiles of seasoned founders, carefully chosen for their expertise at your current stage. Here to support you with your specific challenge.
🧠 AI prompts: Tools like Bard and ChatGPT can help make Startups more productive, we will include some powerful prompts that help you with your situation.
🎓 Programs and courses: Provided by vetted third parties.

How to use it?

Unlock B2B SaaS Scaling Success. Here is your blueprint:

  1. Insights First: Download and dive into the Founder's Benchmark to get clarity. Get it with the How-To Guide at 👉 here.
  2. Strategic Moves: Focus on vital weak spots. Pinpoint 1-2 strategic gaps to focus on.
  3. Tailored Resources: Tap into field-specific resources in the library's curated sections.
  4. Execute Sharp: Follow precision with the provided templates and guidance.
  5. Cheers to Progress: Celebrate victories, propelling forward momentum. 🚀

Save countless hours and get started with the Founder's Library: «Getting Started» Kit now. (Free access, for now 😜)

Giving back

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  • Last but not least, we are happy to receive your feedback on how to improve the Founder's Library.
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🧰 12 Templates, 📚 9 Books, 🔗 5 Links, ✅ 1 Checklist, 4 Worksheets and 🛠️ 1 Workshop

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The Founder's Library: «Getting Started» Kit

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